What I bring to a project

Software development is a craft.

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Like any craft, there can be a great variation on the quality and quantity of the work produced by any of the craftsmen that someone will hire to work on their project. For a programmer to produce great works of quality, they need to:

  • understand the business and their needs,
  • thoroughly understand software craftsmanship techniques,
  • be well-versed with all of the tools, technologies and practices that they use on a daily basis, and
  • continuously explore and update their skills with the latest technologies and best practices.

When I become a member of a project, I bring the following advantages and benefits to an organization:

Business knowledge Having the experience of working directly with CEOs, CFOs and top staff has given me a lot of experience and expertise into what businesses expect from their software projects. I can translate business requirements into software goals that can then allow the business to reach its own goals.
Leadership I have led and trained teams of developers from 3 to as many as 20 developers. I have also led I.T. Departments with a staff of about 12 members and with yearly budgets in excess of 1.5 million. I understand the challenges faced in I.T. Departments and software projects and I know how to overcome them in order to deliver results in less time and with less resources.
Communications I am comfortable meeting with top organization officers to discuss their requirements, the progress on their projects and to help them understand the challenges faced in creating the solutions that they need for the business. I can explain how certain decisions may impact timelines, budgets and the allocation of company resources.
Craftsmanship I am an avid student of the world of software development. I am always studying and exploring new best practices, design patterns and new approaches. I read new technical books as they are published. I subscribe to numerous technical monthly magazines. I read the blogs of those individuals that post interesting new techniques and ideas. I do all of this in the interest of being as knowledgeable as possible in my field.
Technologies I am well-versed in all of the technologies and tools I use on daily basis. I can create software solutions quickly and efficiently.
You can learn more about the specific tools, technologies and practices I use by clicking below.
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Initiative & Motivation My resume will clearly show that I am an individual who is driven to be the best in his field. I challenge myself continuously to learn new technologies, practices and techniques. I stay current by keeping an eye on my industry. I participate in numerous programming groups and collaborate in various open source projects where I believe I can benefit from the experience.

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