My Work

I started working in technology with a focus on hardware and networking. In the early part of my career I spent most of my time connecting computers together, installing and configuring firewalls, doing protocol analysis and managing server platforms from UNIX, Linux and Windows.

Doing this period I found myself creating numerous scripts that automated complex processes for configuring computers across distributed environments, patching and updating systems, and diagnosing issues.

The more time I spent writing scripts and complex logic, the more I began to dive deeper into programming concepts, ideas and techniques. As I explored further, I realized that I wanted to focus my career on the art of software development.

I have now been developing software solutions for about 15+ years. I have worked on projects for the following companies and industries:

  • Cartier
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Aflac
  • McAfee Software

As  well as numerous companies in the following industries:

  • Medical equipment sales & ecommerce
  • Medical billing
  • Healthcare laboratory processing
  • Product distribution tracking, replenishment and forecasting and automated order processing


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