About Me

I am an experienced senior-level software architect with over 18 years of experience including large enterprise and cloud-enabled solutions. I am also a full-stack developer with a proven track record of accomplishments. I can work independently, lead a development team or be a valuable contributor in a team. I will influence, train and promote best practices. I will improve team productivity and raise the quality of the solution.

I have been developing business software solutions for more than 20 years.

I enjoy creating interactive and responsive business solutions for the Web and for Mobile platforms primarily using open-source technologies combined with a Microsoft server back-end (such as MVC, WCF, SQL Server, Azure, etc.). Technology changes quickly so find that I am constantly discovering and exploring new techniques, practices and technologies that improve how I develop software solutions.  My goal is to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies so that can make sure that I am always bringing the most modern thinking to every project.

I am extremely knowledgeable in all of the following technologies, practices and concepts:


Experienced with the Microsoft Azure platform to create scalable, enterprise multi-platform solutions to achieve unlimited scalability, higher reliability and lower costs. Experienced implementing SSO (single-sign on) authorization flows using OAuth 2.0 and OpenId Connect.


10+ years of experience as solution architect in enterprise object-oriented (OO) and service-oriented (SOA) .NET solutions. Successfully created numerous solutions that use n-tier, loosely-coupled and domain driven architectures. Educated in using Design Patterns appropriately to create reusable logic with clear separation of concern. Savvy in proper use of DI (Dependency Injection) for better software design and automated testing. Well-versed in data access strategies (LINQ, Entity Framework, OData, Unit of Work, Repository, etc.). Experienced using WCF and MVC API to create distributed and scalable services for SOA-based solutions. Skilled in diagnosing slow response and improving response times for multi-tier software solutions


18+ years of experience developing and architecting software solutions for numerous industries. Completed projects for recognized companies including Cartier, McAfee, Aflac and Ritz-Carlton Hotels. High success rate in software projects that has been greatly recognized by customers and management.


Educated in developing using proper TDD (Test Driven Development). Skilled in the processes of CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Deployment) working with GIT or TFS.


12+ years creating rich and responsive web applications that use latest web technologies. Well-versed on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, numerous JavaScript libraries, JSON, HTTP protocols, RESTful APIs, and responsive design to target multiple platforms. Skilled in developing native mobile apps for Apple/Android with PhoneGap.


10+ years of experience in data models using Microsoft SQL Server. Experienced using Cloud NoSQL databases for large scale needs. Knowledgeable in database architecture, administration, debugging, performance tuning, and modeling

* Microsoft Certified (MCTS) in SQL Server


16+ years of experience in leading software projects with small and medium-sized teams.

14+ years in customer-facing roles working directly with customers and senior-level management.

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