Love Github? Bring it into your organization.

I love using GIT as a source control tool.
When I pair it with the GitHub site, it is just simply computer programming at its most efficient!

GitHub provides a great way for me to easily:

  • track project commits,
  • review the changes that everyone else had added to a project,
  • comment and discuss on specific changes,
  • add Wiki-style documentation to every project,
  • give customers access to their source code, and
  • allow customers to see progress and review the changes made in every commit

I use GitHub for almost every one of my projects
– but sometimes I work on projects where top management does not trust having their source code stored in a repository that is not hosted in their own internal servers.

Enter Github for Enterprise!

It has a steep price (min. $5,000) and it is priced by users. But if you love GitHub and you think (as I do) that it is important to have a source code repository that is powerful and flexible, then this might be a very valuable tool for you to examine for your organization.


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