Let’s get more kids learning computer programming

Computer programming sounds incredibly boring to most kids (and adults) – that is, until they try it.

For some people it can be an incredibly addictive and challenging experience. Once they being to understand that a computer is a tool that they can control and that it will obey everything that they tell it to do – they begin to understand the power that they hold in their hands. They can turn their ideas into real working games and they can create programs that can accomplish complex tasks.

I myself started to write computer programs when I was 8-10 years old. My dad bought a TRS-80 computer which came only with a simple BASIC commands. Once I learned a few commands and I realized that I could get this thing to do anything I wanted it to do – I was hooked. It became a challenge to see what kind of things I could create on it – from games to school projects.

Best part of it all is that – if someone really enjoys this challenge – it can easily become a fulfilling and lucrative career. Computer programming is already one of the most well-paid opportunities in today’s job market. Kids right out of college with solid computer programming skills are easily getting salaries that are above 40K/year to start.

If you are a parent or a student looking to learn more about programming for a teen or a young professional, visit the following site for more info:


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